BS1088 Grade Marine Plywood.

Products Specification

06.0MM X 1220MM X 2440MM

09.0MM X 1220MM X 2440MM

12.0MM X 1220MM X 2440MM

15.0MM X 1220MM X 2440MM

18.0MM X 1220MM X 2440MM

25.0MM X 1220MM X 2440MM


Marine plywood BS1088 grade are the only kind of marine grade plywood made wholly by wood veneer. These panel are able to withstand even sea water and are very widely used in ship building industries. However due to the manufacturing process which required selected whole piece application wood veneer and high quality demand, these panel are rather costly as compare to other plywood products.


Whenever sea water is concerned in shipbuilding the only alternative are the BS1088 grade Marine plywood. They are manufactured using only the best selected whole piece tropical hardwood veneer layered and bond with special formulated phenolic glue. The quality of these panel are never a doubt when only the best material are needed for its application.

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