Moisture Resistant/ Glue Type 2/ Eucalyptus Plywood. JPIC D/BB/CC Grade

Products Specification

09.0MM X 1220MM X 2440MM

12.0MM X 1220MM X 2440MM

15.0MM X 1220MM X 2440MM

18.0MM X 1220MM X 2440MM

25.0MM X 1220MM X 2440MM


Material usage are mostly for structural support of interior paneling, wardrobes or cabinet structure, furniture manufacturing, decking support and etc.


Moisture resistant T2 Glue china hardwood plywood is a panel product with bonding of multi layer of Eucalyptus wood veneer using moisture resistant glue thus causing the products to excel in high moisture interior environment . Also because of the multi layer which create intense frictional force within the core making it the one of the most durable and strong panel available in the market . 

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