Water Boiling Proof/ Glue Eucalyptus Plywood. JPIC P/BB/CC Grade

Products Specification

09.0MM X 1220MM X 2440MM

12.0MM X 1220MM X 2440MM

15.0MM X 1220MM X 2440MM

18.0MM X 1220MM X 2440MM

25.0MM X 1220MM X 2440MM


Material usage are mostly for external structural support of paneling, construction structure, decking support and etc. Ideal for exterior usage due to the water boiling proof characteristic of these panel.


Water boiling proof Glue (Phenolic Glue) Eucalyptus plywood is a panel product commonly known as china waterproof plywood with bonding of multi layer of Eucalyptus wood veneer using phenolic glue thus causing the products to excel when contact with water . It is very recommended for outdoor usage. Also because of the multi layer which create intense frictional force within the core making it the most durable and strong panel available in the market . 

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