Malaysian Moisture Resistant/Glue Type 2/ LB. JPIC D/OVL/BTR Grade

Products Specification

12.0MM X 1220MM X 2440MM

15.0MM X 1220MM X 2440MM

18.0MM X 1220MM X 2440MM

25.0MM X 1220MM X 2440MM


Material usage are mostly for structural support of interior paneling, wardrobes or cabinet structure, furniture manufacturing, decking support and etc.


A high innovative timber panel products whereby plywood waste are recycled and reused as core of the panel.These not only reduce the dependent on material from natural forest but also created a revolutional assembled core which enable minor expansion and contraction when change in temperature of the environment. These panel as compared to plywood are seldom warped due to the above and also because of the assembled plywood waste as core , calibration of these core are able to be sand to perfect thus enable the face and back surface to be extremely flat and defect free after the face back veneer are laminated. Another important factor that these products are widely used are also because of its competitive price . However these are products due to the high dependence on plywood waste therefore production output are usually 10% to 20% of normal plywood production output.

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